what we do

helping organisations deliver communications excellence


We are able to undertake analysis, planning, coaching and support for individuals and teams within your organisation. In particular we have skills around website analytics, social media analytics, public open...


Our courses We deliver training in: Google Analytics for service providers digital skills for senior leaders social media in emergencies running a digital press office warning and informing the public...


February newsletter

To provide a more tailored service we now publish three newsletters. Between them:they cover Slack, the question of culture change in organisations to make the most of their data and the question of naming storms (and other events). Each one focuses on a different topic Data (including website analytics) Public […]

January newsletter

Our January newsletter went big on our extensive review of local government website use. This was much more interesting and of wider application than you might imagine. Sign up to receive future editions.

August newsletter

Our August newsletter launched our latest training course on communication skills for emergencies, covered #opendefra and Google Analytics. Sign up to receive future editions.  

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