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website analytics

Consultancy Our skilled consultants can undertake reviews of your existing website data and make recommendations to improve your marketing, sales or conversions. We can work with in-house digital, marketing and...

specialist services

Open data We work with public, private and non-profit sector organisations to help them maximise the opportunities presented by open data and crowd-sourced data. Benefits include radically improved return on...


May data news

Packed with links covering: Open Data, FOIA and Google Analytics, Google Maps, info graphics and much, much more.  

Public value digital May

Packed with links including: how digital platforms are embracing accessibility, better tech in the Gambia, devolution as seen from Herefordshire and Boaty McBoatFace. Read the Public Value Newsletter now.     Photo credit: Creative Accessibility Mapping Tour by SOZIALHELDEN used under CC-BY-2.0

Data driven communications news for April

Packed with links including: how the Data Evolution project is seeking to understand how different types of charities and social enterprises use data lots on our exploration of local government website analytics the Welsh government publishes a plan for open data View the data driven communications news for April

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