Public open data

In the UK, central government has committed to publishing an unprecedented amount of anonymous data about and generated by public services. Many local authorities and other local public sector organisations are following suit.

The UK is not alone, many nations are embracing open data and the movement is finding its way into civil society and the private sector. Huge global projects have been built around open datasets like OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia.

What does this mean for you?

There are tremendous opportunities to be exploited in open data.

New business opportunities may be revealed, new insights for funding applications or to develop social enterprises.

The opportunities are not just for people consuming open data. Opening your own data could be the best decision your organisation has ever made.


  • research, whitepaper and reports for your organisation or your stakeholders
  • review, recommendations and project development for open data projects for your organisation
  • project management of open data projects
  • open-data focused workshops, hackdays and data camps
  • our consultancy can be (and often is) combined with training for your staff
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