Lots of data is available

There are so many things that can be measured on social media platforms. Platforms come with their own metrics and third party tools can be used to generate more graphs and statistics.

And yet many organisations struggle to use social media analytics data to deliver actionable insights and improve communications, marketing and customer services.

We help you cut through the fog of metrics and figures to get to the key measures that give you real insight into how well you are delivering your strategy.

We are experts not just in social media but also in business improvement and data-driven decision making.

Benefits include

  • improved integration between marketing channels
  • improved ROI on your social media activity
  • improved targeting of social media activity


  • a review of your social media estate with recommendations for improvements
  • a review of your measurement and planning strategy with recommendations for improvements
  • integration of your social media measurement with your website and other digital marketing metrics
  • developing and implementing dashboard and reporting tools for your organisation
  • our consultancy can be (and often is) combined with training for your staff
  • we are always happy to talk about tailoring our services to your particular requirements

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