Using data effectively

Websites and social media platforms generate huge amounts of data. The trick is to use this data to improve the effectiveness of websites, communications campaigns and services.

There are many training courses in the market but often they focus on ecommerce.

Focus on service and information providers

Our courses have been put together specifically for organisations focused on providing information, support and services rather than sales.


Our foundation course will ensure your digital, marketing and PR staff:

  • Understand how to navigate Google Analytics for key data relevant to communication campaigns and use of your website
  • Are able to create and interpret views, reports and dashboards in Google Analytics
  • Are able to plan the evaluation of campaigns and explain what success will look like in Google Analytics
  • Are able to use Google Analytics to monitor campaign and website performance and take tactical decisions as a result


Our intermediate course will ensure your digital, marketing and PR staff:

  • Understand how to use Google Analytics to analyse how users are navigating your website
  • Are able to apply SEO principles to make the content on your website work more effectively for the user
  • Understand the concepts of ecommerce, goals and funnels in Google Analytics and under what circumstances they are relevant to service provider sector websites
  • Are able to create advanced reporting and dashboards based on campaign and organisational objectives

Focus on excellence

With our focus on excellence and our deep knowledge and experience of digital communications you can be confident in the quality of our training and the impact it will deliver.

We deliver public courses and in-house courses.

Public courses

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In-house courses

Or contact us to talk about our in-house courses which represent amazing value.

We are always happy to design bespoke courses and to combine training with our consultation offer.

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