The duty to warn and inform the public

Category one and two responders have to work together to raise awareness of risks, to encourage preparedness for emergencies and to ensure that the public are properly informed before an emergency, during an incident and in the recovery phase.

This course has been designed from first principles to meet the needs of media and communication officials in category one responders as well as associated professionals in category one and two responders and other organisations with emergency responsibilities.

It is delivered by Ben Proctor who draws on many years of experience as a head of communications for a category one responder along with practical experience in emergency planning and response in the UK and internationally.

Keep the skills of all your team current so they can respond effectively in emergencies

Our one-day course will ensure you:

  • Understand the legislation, standards and guidance relevant to communicating with the public in an emergency
  • Can undertake a meaningful warning and informing role within a multi-agency response
  • Can develop appropriate plans and tactics to ensure the public are effectively warned and informed at each stage of an incident
  • Understand what good practice looks like both in the UK and internationally

This course has been put together specifically for category one responders. It is relevant for many category two responders. We are happy to talk to VCS responders, and other organisations with roles in emergencies about adapting our courses to meet their needs.

Focus on excellence

With our focus on excellence and our deep knowledge and experience of digital communications you can be confident in the quality of our training and the impact it will deliver.

We can design and deliver courses to LRF groups and to assist with exercise design and delivery.

We are always happy to design bespoke courses and to combine training with our consultation offer.

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